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The Evenly Brothers


The Everly Brothers were icons in both Country and Rock'n'Roll and influenced everyone from Elvis to The Beatles.  They had 35 Billboard Top-100 singles, 26 in the Top 40.  They were inducted in both The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986 and The Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. They also received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997, The Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 2001, and The Vocal Group Hall of Fame Award in 2004.


Their 1983 Reunion Concert at The Royal Albert Hall in London was one of their most memorable concerts, reuniting the two brothers for the first time in 10 years, and spawning a recording of their hit single "On The Wings of a Nightingale" in 1984, which was written by Paul McCartney for The Everly Brothers and put them, once again, on the US Hot 100 and UK charts.


The Evenly Brothers take you back to that moment in time, playing some of The Everly Brothers' greatest hits, like 'Wake Up Little Susie', 'Bye Bye Love', 'Cathy's Clown' and many more.  Take a journey back in time with The Evenly Brothers.

The Birth of The Evenly Brothers started back in the 1980s, when Cody Stevens put an Everly Brothers tribute show together. He called it The Brothers and sold it to Joe Guercio, the entertainment director at Arizona Charlies in Las Vegas. Joe Guercio had been Elvis Presley’s Musical Director in Las Vegas at The International Hilton in the 70s. Joe liked the show but there was a name conflict with another Vegas act, featuring Tommy Ronka and Donny Moore(American Superstars), so he changed the name of the act to The Evenly Brothers.  The show was such a success that they had to add another show and cancel Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds who were also scheduled to perform that night. Although Cody went on to be a regular performer and headliner in Las Vegas, he had not performed The Evenly Brothers Show again until 2015. After Phil Everly's passing in 2014, Joe Guercio asked Cody  to relaunch The Evenly Brothers,  but Joe never got to see the relaunch due to his own passing on January 4, 2015. 


The rebirth of The Evenly Brothers  has been very successful, playing to sold out crowds across the country  and is a tribute not only to Phil and Don Everly but also to Joe Guercio who gave The Evenly Brothers their start in Las Vegas. Audiences can expect to have a great time listening and singing along to the timeless hits of The Everly Brothers.  









Cody and Art
Riverside 6
Barbara playing trumpet on That's Old Fa
Riverside 5
Cody and his wife Barbara
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