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All songs written, performed and produced by Barbara Christy 

" A One-Woman Tour-De-Force” 



PASSION is the word that comes to mind when you think of Barbara Christy.   You can see it in every performance.  She is a woman that feels her emotions intensely and shares those emotions with her audience through her music. For Barbara, Music is Passion.  Without it there are only notes on a page.  Her love for music started at an early age and there was never a doubt in her mind that she would make music her life.  Originally from Laurel Springs, New Jersey, Barbara started studying music at the age of seven.  She attended Glassboro State College(now Rowan University)majoring in applied music for piano and trumpet.


A one-woman tour-de-force, Barbara's incredible delivery on trumpet, voice and keyboards has been amazing audiences all across the country. She has been performing at casinos from Atlantic City to Las Vegas for the past 35 years.  She also had the pleasure of working with The Late Great Andy Williams in Branson, MO.


Barbara Christy is also a woman who doesn't know the meaning of "NO".  She has tenacity, persistence, and the will to keep going when others would give up.  "Talent is only half the battle.  To fulfill your dreams you can never give up".  She is the CEO of Vegasroadshow Productions and Eterna Publishing. She continues to inspire women of all ages to follow their dreams.  

To see Barbara's resume, go to: linked.com/in/barbarachristy





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